women are who interest me. her position, her emotion, her strength, unreachability and openness at the same time. what has she archived and what road will she take while the small, long and thin handles move causing seconds to come rushing? i don’t want her to bend to any rules or set conformities of compliance, identification and internalization but rather, make her own and play fair.  

how this relates to me? after feeling like my entire being was lost, i learnt to stand on my own two feet and found the words and colours to become a person again, using them to motivate others to find theirs. this is why I like to use bold colours and paint far away gazes. she’s envisioning the long term and when she decides to speak, you won’t be able to hear silence. reason they are untitled? she represents all of us, it would be wrong to tie just one name to her.



Sept 2020 _ g u a r d a m i _ (@dezurebom – Rotterdam)

Feb 2018 Naked Bodies (@roserouge – Rotterdam)